SeaChange International Reports Fiscal First Quarter 2022 Financial Results

BOSTON, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SeaChange International, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEAC), a leading provider of video delivery platforms, today reported financial and operational results for the fiscal first quarter ended April 30, 2021.

Fiscal First Quarter 2022 and Recent Highlights

  • Implemented and began executing a multi-phased strategic roadmap designed to increase scale, capture market share, and create even greater value for both our customers and shareholders.
  • Launched a new product marketing strategy focused on three product platforms: Cable Video Delivery Platform, OTT Streaming Platform, and Advanced Advertising Platform.
  • Strong balance sheet with $21.3 million in cash and cash equivalents.
  • Operating expenses decreased 9% in the fiscal first quarter of 2022 compared to fiscal fourth quarter of 2021 due to ongoing efficiency measures.

Management Commentary

“During the fiscal first quarter, we successfully completed the initial phase of our strategic roadmap, which has optimized our operations, solidified our financial foundation, and positioned us to drive scale, capture market share and create even greater value for both our customers and shareholders,” said Robert Pons, SeaChange’s Executive Chairman. “The initial phase of our plan involved refining our growth strategy and technology positioning to capitalize on the explosive growth in video streaming, a market that industry analysts expect to surpass $140 billion in annual revenues by 2026. SeaChange’s turnkey enablement platform and advertising insertion technology provides us with a distinct competitive advantage and gives us confidence in our ability to capitalize on streaming industry growth. We are actively marketing our OTT Streaming Platform to cable operators and content owners globally, including film and TV producers, who are looking to launch their own streaming channels and platforms. A major part of our success is expected to come through strategic partners who recognize the value of SeaChange’s ‘full stack’ streaming enablement platform to seamlessly launch a new streaming service.

“SeaChange sits at the epicenter of the video industry’s transformation to OTT video streaming services and delivery to the billions of end users globally. Our favorable competitive positioning, robust market dynamics, and performance thus far gives us confidence that fiscal 2022 will be a year of growth and transformation. Longer term, we expect that the successful execution of our strategic roadmap will translate to sustainable growth and consistent profitability in the years ahead.”

Fiscal First Quarter 2022 Financial Results

  • Total revenue was $5.1 million, compared to $5.1 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021. Product revenue was $1.6 million (or 32% of total revenue), an improvement compared to $1.4 million (or 27% of total revenue) in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021. Service revenue was $3.4 million (or 68% of total revenue) compared to $3.7 million (or 73% of total revenue) in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.
  • Revenue backlog at quarter end remained strong at $20.1 million.
  • Gross profit was $2.8 million (or 56% of total revenue), compared to $2.8 million (or 55% of total revenue) in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.
  • Total operating expenses decreased to $6.6 million compared to $7.3 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.
  • GAAP loss from operations totaled $3.8 million, an improvement compared to a GAAP loss from operations of $4.4 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.
  • GAAP net loss totaled $4.1 million, or $(0.10) per basic share, an improvement from GAAP net loss $4.4 million, or $(0.12) per basic share, in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.
  • Non-GAAP loss from operations totaled $2.8 million, or $(0.07) per basic share, an improvement from non-GAAP loss from operations of $3.5 million, or $(0.09) per basic share, in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021.

Conference Call
SeaChange will host a conference call today (June 10, 2021) at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time (2:00 p.m. Pacific time) to discuss these results.

SeaChange executive management will host the call, followed by a question-and-answer period.

U.S. dial-in number: 877-407-8037
International number: 201-689-8037
Meeting Number: 13720348

Please call the conference telephone number approximately 10 minutes prior to the start time. An operator will register your name and organization. If you have any difficulty connecting with the conference call, please contact Gateway Investor Relations at 949-574-3860.

The conference call will be broadcast live and available for replay here and via the investor relations section of SeaChange’s website.

About SeaChange International, Inc.
SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC) powers hundreds of cloud and on-premises platforms with live TV and video on demand (VOD) for millions of end users worldwide. SeaChange’s end-to-end solution enables operators and content owners to cost-effectively launch a direct-to-consumer video streaming service to manage, curate and monetize their linear and on demand content across all major device platforms such as Smart-TVs, mobile devices, and Set-Top-Boxes. A demonstration of SeaChange’s video streaming platform is available here. For more information on SeaChange, please visit

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SeaChange Contact:
Matt Glover
Gateway Investor Relations

SeaChange International, Inc.
Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets
(Unaudited, amounts in thousands)

    April 30, 2021     January 31, 2021  
Cash and cash equivalents   $ 21,278     $ 5,856  
Marketable securities           252  
Accounts and other receivables, net     6,249       6,050  
Unbilled receivables     14,262       15,699  
Prepaid expenses and other current assets     4,427       4,372  
Property and equipment, net     478       605  
Goodwill and intangible assets, net     11,519       11,849  
Other assets     3,805       5,725  
Total assets   $ 62,018     $ 50,408  
Liabilities and Stockholders’ Equity                
Accounts payable and other liabilities   $ 7,777     $ 10,172  
Deferred revenue     5,609       5,394  
Deferred tax liabilities and income taxes payable     897       888  
Promissory note     2,413       2,413  
Total liabilities     16,696       18,867  
Total stockholders’ equity     45,322       31,541  
Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity   $ 62,018     $ 50,408  

SeaChange International, Inc.
Consolidated Statements of Operations
(Unaudited, amounts in thousands, except per share data)

    For the Three Months
Ended April 30,
    2021     2020  
Product   $ 1,620     $ 3,098  
Service     3,432       3,817  
Total revenue     5,052       6,915  
Cost of revenue:                
Product     406       1,580  
Service     1,815       2,826  
Total cost of revenue     2,221       4,406  
Gross profit     2,831       2,509  
Operating expenses:                
Research and development     2,668       4,166  
Selling and marketing     1,380       2,126  
General and administrative     2,105       2,054  
Severance and restructuring costs     484       486  
Total operating expenses     6,637       8,832  
Loss from operations     (3,806 )     (6,323 )
Other expense, net     (228 )     (208 )
Loss before income taxes     (4,034 )     (6,531 )
Income tax provision (benefit)     34       (21 )
Net loss   $ (4,068 )   $ (6,510 )
Net loss per share, basic   $ (0.10 )   $ (0.17 )
Net loss per share, diluted   $ (0.10 )   $ (0.17 )
Weighted average common shares outstanding, basic     41,307       37,521  
Weighted average common shares outstanding, diluted     41,307       37,521  
Comprehensive loss:                
Net loss   $ (4,068 )   $ (6,510 )
Other comprehensive income (loss), net of tax:                
Foreign currency translation adjustment     41       (24 )
Unrealized gains on marketable securities     1       9  
Total other comprehensive income (loss)     42       (15 )
Comprehensive loss   $ (4,026 )   $ (6,525 )

SeaChange International, Inc.
Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
(Unaudited, amounts in thousands)

    For the Three Months Ended April 30,  
    2021     2020  
Cash flows from operating activities:                
Net loss   $ (4,068 )   $ (6,510 )
Adjustments to reconcile net loss to net cash used in operating activities:                
Depreciation and amortization expense     376       357  
Loss on disposal of fixed assets     77        
Gain on write-off of operating lease right-of-use assets and liabilities                
related to termination     (328 )      
Change in allowance for doubtful accounts           (316 )
Stock-based compensation expense     208       357  
Realized and unrealized foreign currency transaction loss (gain)     263       (29 )
Other     1       14  
Changes in operating assets and liabilities:                
Accounts receivable     (208 )     3,111  
Unbilled receivables     1,431       589  
Prepaid expenses and other current assets and other assets           (554 )
Accounts payable     34       417  
Accrued expenses and other liabilities     173       (1,689 )
Deferred revenue     221       (10 )
Net cash used in operating activities     (1,820 )     (4,263 )
Cash flows from investing activities:                
Purchases of property and equipment     (7 )     (138 )
Proceeds from sales and maturities of marketable securities     252       1,201  
Net cash provided by investing activities     245       1,063  
Cash flows from financing activities:                
Proceeds from stock option exercises     137       119  
Proceeds from employee stock purchase plan           18  
Proceeds from issuance of common stock, net of issuance costs     17,462        
Net cash provided by financing activities     17,599       137  
Effect of exchange rate on cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash     (199 )     153  
Net increase (decrease) in cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash     15,825       (2,910 )
Cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash at beginning of period     6,084       9,297  
Cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash at end of period   $ 21,909     $ 6,387  
Supplemental disclosure of cash flow information                
Income taxes paid   $ 101     $ 11  
Non-cash activities:                
Right-of-use assets obtained in exchange for lease obligations   $     $ 402  

Non-GAAP Measures
We define non-GAAP loss from operations as U.S. GAAP net loss plus stock-based compensation expenses, amortization of intangible assets, severance and other restructuring costs, other expense, net, and income tax (benefit) provision. We discuss non-GAAP loss from operations, including on a per share basis, in our quarterly earnings releases and certain other communications, as we believe non-GAAP operating loss from operations is an important measure that is not calculated according to U.S. GAAP. We use non-GAAP loss from operations in internal forecasts and models when establishing internal operating budgets, supplementing the financial results and forecasts reported to our Board of Directors, determining a component of bonus compensation for executive officers and other key employees based on operating performance, and evaluating short-term and long-term operating trends in our operations. We believe that the non-GAAP loss from operations financial measure assists in providing an enhanced understanding of our underlying operational measures to manage the business, to evaluate performance compared to prior periods and the marketplace, and to establish operational goals. We believe that the non-GAAP financial adjustments are useful to investors because they allow investors to evaluate the effectiveness of the methodology and information used by management in our financial and operational decision-making.

Non-GAAP loss from operations is a non-GAAP financial measure and should not be considered in isolation or as a substitute for financial information provided in accordance with U.S. GAAP. This non-GAAP financial measure may not be computed in the same manner as similarly titled measures used by other companies. We expect to continue to incur expenses similar to the financial adjustments described above in arriving at non-GAAP loss from operations and investors should not infer from our presentation of this non-GAAP financial measure that these costs are unusual, infrequent or non-recurring. The following table includes the reconciliations of our U.S. GAAP loss from operations, the most directly comparable U.S. GAAP financial measure, to our non-GAAP loss from operations for the three months ended April 30, 2021.

SeaChange International, Inc.
Fiscal First Quarter Reconciliation of GAAP to Non-GAAP
(Unaudited, amounts in thousands, except per share data)

    For the Three Months
Ended April 30,
    2021     2020  
    (Amounts in thousands)  
GAAP net loss   $ (4,068 )   $ (6,510 )
Other expense, net     (228 )     (208 )
Income tax provision (benefit)     34       (21 )
GAAP loss from operations   $ (3,806 )   $ (6,323 )
Amortization of intangible assets     316       284  
Stock-based compensation     208       357  
Severance and restructuring costs     484       486  
Non-GAAP loss from operations   $ (2,798 )   $ (5,196 )
Non-GAAP loss from operations, basic per share     (0.07 )     (0.14 )
Non-GAAP loss from operations, diluted per share     (0.07 )     (0.14 )
Weighted average common shares outstanding, basic per share     41,307       37,521  
Weighted average common shares outstanding, diluted per share     41,307       37,521  

SeaChange International, Inc.
Supplemental Schedule - Revenue Breakout
(Unaudited, amounts in thousands)

    Three Months Ended April 30,  
    2021     2020  
    (Amounts in thousands)  
Product revenue:                
Framework   $ 1,016     $ 968  
OVP and other     604       837  
Hardware           1,293  
Total product revenue     1,620       3,098  
Service revenue:                
Maintenance and support     2,038       2,605  
Framework and support services     939       931  
Professional services and other     455       281  
Total service revenue     3,432       3,817  
Total revenue   $ 5,052     $ 6,915  


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