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Stock Incentive Plans

Stock Incentive Plans
3 Months Ended
Apr. 30, 2015
Disclosure of Compensation Related Costs, Share-based Payments [Abstract]  
Stock Incentive Plans
9. Stock Incentive Plans

2011 Compensation and Incentive Plan

In July 2011, our stockholders approved the adoption of our 2011 Compensation and Incentive Plan (the “2011 Plan”). Under the 2011 Plan, as amended in July 2013, the number of authorized shares of common stock is equal to 5,300,000 shares plus the number of shares that expired, terminated, surrendered or forfeited awards subsequent to July 20, 2011 under the Amended and Restated 2005 Equity Compensation and Incentive Plan (the “2005 Plan”). Following approval of the 2011 Plan, we terminated the 2005 Plan. The 2011 Plan provides for the grant of incentive stock options, nonqualified stock options, restricted stock, restricted stock units (“RSUs”), deferred stock units (“DSUs”) and other equity based non-stock option awards as determined by the plan administrator by officers, employees, consultants, and directors of the Company.

Effective February 1, 2014, SeaChange gave its non-employee members of the Board of Directors the option to receive DSUs in lieu of RSUs beginning with the annual grant for fiscal 2015. These DSUs shall fully vest one year from the grant date. The number of units subject to the DSUs is determined as of the first day of the applicable fiscal year and the shares underlying the DSUs are not vested and issued until the earlier of the director ceasing to be a member of the Board of Directors (provided such time is subsequent to the first day of the succeeding fiscal year) or immediately prior to a change in control.

We may satisfy awards upon the exercise of stock options or vesting of RSUs with newly issued shares or treasury shares. The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration of the 2011 Plan and determining the terms of each award, award exercise price, the number of shares for which each award is granted and the rate at which each award vests. In certain instances the Board of Directors may elect to modify the terms of an award.

Option awards may be granted to employees at an exercise price per share of not less than 100% of the fair market value per common share on the date of the grant. RSUs, DSUs and other equity-based non-stock option awards may be granted to any officer, employee, director, or consultant at a purchase price per share as determined by the Board of Directors. Option awards granted under the 2011 Plan generally vest over a period of three years and expire ten years from the date of the grant.

We appointed a new CEO on October 20, 2014, at which time he was granted 500,000 stock options to purchase the Company’s common stock. These stock options have an exercise price equal to our closing stock price on October 20, 2014, and will vest in approximately equal increments based upon the closing price of SeaChange’s common stock. We recorded the fair value of these stock options using the Monte Carlo simulation model, since the stock option vesting is variable depending on the closing price of our traded common stock. The model simulated the daily trading price of the market-based stock options’ expected term to determine if the vesting conditions would be triggered during the term. As a result, the fair value of these stock options was estimated at $1.7 million. We have incurred stock compensation expense related to these stock options of $0.5 million since the date of grant.