Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Nature of Business and Basis of Presentation

Nature of Business and Basis of Presentation
3 Months Ended
Apr. 30, 2017
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  
Nature of Business and Basis of Presentation
1. Nature of Business and Basis of Presentation

The Company

SeaChange International, Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries (collectively “SeaChange”, “we”, or the “Company”) is an industry leader in the delivery of multiscreen video, advertising and premium over-the-top (“OTT”) video. Our products and services facilitate the aggregation, licensing, management and distribution of video and advertising content to cable television system operators, telecommunications companies, satellite operators and media companies.

Basis of Presentation

The accompanying unaudited consolidated financial statements include the accounts of SeaChange International, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“SeaChange” or the “Company”) and are prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (“U.S. GAAP”) for interim financial reports as well as rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). All intercompany transactions and balances have been eliminated. Certain information and footnote disclosures normally included in financial statements prepared under U.S. GAAP have been condensed or omitted pursuant to such regulations. However, we believe that the disclosures are adequate to make the information presented not misleading. In the opinion of management, the accompanying financial statements include all adjustments, consisting of only normal recurring items, necessary to present a fair presentation of the consolidated financial statements for the periods shown. These consolidated financial statements should be read in conjunction with our most recently audited financial statements and related footnotes included in our Annual Report on Form 10-K (“Form 10-K”) as filed with the SEC. The balance sheet data as of January 31, 2017 that is included in this Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q (“Form 10-Q”) was derived from our audited financial statements. We have reclassified certain amounts previously reported in our financial statements to conform to current presentation.

The preparation of these financial statements in conformity with U.S. GAAP, requires us to make estimates and judgments that affect the reported amounts of assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses, and disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities. Interim results are not necessarily indicative of the operating results for the full fiscal year or any future periods and actual results may differ from our estimates. During the three months ended April 30, 2017, there have been no material changes to our significant accounting policies that were described in our fiscal 2017 Form 10-K, as filed with the SEC.

The Company believes that existing funds and cash provided by future operating activities are adequate to satisfy our working capital, potential acquisitions and capital expenditure requirements and other contractual obligations for the foreseeable future, including at least the next 12 months. However, if our expectations are incorrect, we may need to raise additional funds to fund our operations, to take advantage of unanticipated strategic opportunities or to strengthen our financial position. In the future, we may enter into other arrangements for potential investments in, or acquisitions of, complementary businesses, services or technologies, which could require us to seek additional equity or debt financing. Additional funds may not be available on terms that are favorable.

In addition, we actively review potential acquisitions that would complement our existing product offerings, enhance our technical capabilities or expand our marketing and sales presence. Any future transaction of this nature could require potentially significant amounts of capital or could require us to issue our stock and dilute existing stockholders. If adequate funds are not available, or are not available on acceptable terms, we may not be able to take advantage of market opportunities, to develop new products or to otherwise respond to competitive pressures.

In the second quarter of fiscal 2017, following a review of our operations, liquidity and funding, and investment in our product roadmap, we determined that the ability to access cash resulting from earnings in prior fiscal years that had previously been deemed permanently restricted for foreign investment would provide greater flexibility to meet the Company’s working capital needs. Accordingly, in the second quarter of fiscal 2017, we withdrew the permanent reinvestment assertion on $58.6 million of earnings generated by our Irish operations through July 2016. We recorded a deferred tax liability of $14.7 million related to the foreign income taxes on $58.6 million of undistributed earnings. The balance of the deferred tax liability is $15.1 million as of April 30, 2017.