Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


9 Months Ended
Oct. 31, 2019
Business Combinations [Abstract]  



On February 6, 2019, we acquired all of the outstanding stock of Xstream A/S (“Xstream”) for $4.6 million in cash and 541,738 shares of common stock for a total transaction value of $5.4 million. Xstream provides a managed service, OTT video solution that serves more than five million active subscribers globally.  

The acquisition has been accounted for as a business combination and, in accordance with ASC 805, Business Combinations, we have recorded the assets acquired and liabilities assumed at their respective fair values as of the acquisition date. The following table summarizes the preliminary purchase price allocation recorded:


Estimated fair value of consideration:










Stock consideration





Total purchase price






Estimated fair value of assets acquired and liabilities assumed:





Cash and cash equivalents





Other current assets





Other long-term assets





Finite-life intangible assets










Current liabilities





Allocated purchase price





The significant intangible assets identified in the preliminary purchase price allocation discussed above include developed technology and customer relationships, which are amortized over their respective useful lives on a straight-line basis. Amortization of existing technology is included within research and development and amortization of customer relationships is included within sales and marketing expense. To value the developed technology asset, we utilized the income approach, specifically a discounted cash-flow method known as the multi-period excess earnings method. Customer relationships represent the underlying relationships with certain customers to provide ongoing services for products sold. We utilized the income approach, specifically the distribution method, a subset of the excess-earnings method to value the customer relationships.

The following table presents the estimated fair values and useful lives of the identifiable intangible assets acquired:




Useful Life


Fair Value






(amounts in



Customer contracts


3 years





Existing technology


3 years












Goodwill was recognized for the excess purchase price over the fair value of the net assets acquired. The goodwill reflects the value of the synergies the Company expects to realize and the assembled workforce. Goodwill from the Xstream acquisition is included within the Company’s one reporting unit and is included in the Company’s enterprise-level annual review for impairment. Goodwill resulting from the Xstream acquisition is not deductible for tax purposes.

The purchase price has been allocated to the tangible and intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed based upon the respective estimates of fair value as of the date of the acquisition, which remains preliminary in regards to the intangibles valuation, and using assumptions that the Company’s management believes are reasonable given the information then available. The final allocation of the purchase price may differ materially from the information presented in these consolidated financial statements. Any changes to the preliminary estimates of the fair value of the assets acquired and liabilities assumed will be recorded as adjustments to those assets and liabilities and residual amounts will be allocated to goodwill.

The revenues and loss before income taxes from Xstream included in our consolidated results for the nine months ended October 31, 2019 were $2.9 million and $1.7 million, respectively. The Xstream results include expenses resulting from purchase accounting that include amortization of intangibles. We have not presented pro forma results of operations for the Xstream acquisition because it is not material to the Company's consolidated results of operations, financial position, or cash flows.