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Recently Adopted Accounting Standard Updates

Recently Adopted Accounting Standard Updates
3 Months Ended
Apr. 30, 2012
Recently Adopted Accounting Standard Updates

15. Recently Adopted Accounting Standard Updates


Other Comprehensive Income


The amendments in ASU 2011-05 revise the manner in which companies present comprehensive income in their financial statements in order to make U.S. GAAP and international standards more consistent. This ASU requires companies to report the components of comprehensive income in either a continuous statement of comprehensive income or in two separate but consecutive statements. In the two-statement approach, the first statement would present the components of net income, similar to our current Consolidated Statements of Operations, while the second statement would include the components of other comprehensive income, as well as a cumulative total for comprehensive income. We elected to use the continuous statement approach.


In December 2011, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) issued ASU 2011-12 to defer the requirement under ASU 2011-05 to present reclassification adjustments by component in both the statement where net income is presented and the statement where other comprehensive income is presented. This deferral was prompted by users’ concerns that the presentation requirements would be costly to implement and could add unnecessary complexity to financial statements.


Neither of these ASU’s changes the items that must be reported in other comprehensive income. The only impact from adoption was disclosure of other comprehensive income on the face of the Consolidated Statement of Operations.